Christian leaflets


There are currently fourteen Christian leaflets available for you to read, download and print. Follow the links to see the full text of each leaflet.

Example tracts
Example tracts
Example tracts

Purpose of these leaflets

These leaflets have been created to answer specific questions which may be holding back some people from responding to the gospel or moving on in their walk with God. They are aimed at those people who need to have things explained to them with a certain amount of detail before making any commitments.

As you read these leaflets and pass them out please bear in mind their limitations; the explanations have had to be brief by necessity and also the answers are not perfect. Someone with a greater understanding of the Bible will be able to give better answers.

How to print the leaflets

Select the leaflet you want to look at then download the PDF file. Print the first page of the PDF file to a printer and turn your printed page over and re-feed into the printer. Then print the second page. Finally cut the leaflet in half using the guide marks. You will then have two tracts printed on both sides and ready for giving out. Try using colour card for a better result.

Feel free to use these leaflets to publish the gospel. There is a space left at the bottom of each tract to allow you to put some contact details if you like. If you need guidance on copyright then see Terms of use.

The leaflets are available in two sizes: A4 and letter. Generally, letter sized paper is used in the US and Canada while A4 is used elsewhere. American spellings have been used in the letter option.

To get the best results when printing, check that page scaling is set to none and use the best DPI (dots per inch) setting available on your printer.